Forced Quarantine For Covid-19 Coronavirus

“If the economy is opened transmission will mean an overwhelmed healthcare system. By keeping the economy closed or cautiously opening only essential businesses we avoid having to ration ventilators.”

“The economic costs to limiting business activity outweigh the probability of an overwhelmed healthcare system because the risks can be managed.”

“We can’t properly manage the risks because we don’t know what they are. Without a vaccination or proper testing, the risks are too high.”

“These elitist bureaucrats are telling me what I can and can’t do! It’s an unconstitutional breach of freedom.”

“The average knowledge of infectious disease is not sufficient to determine the most efficient course of action.”

“I have to feed my family and work to avoid depression and anxiety. I have a duty to take care of myself, not collect a check from the government.”

“Until we have sufficient testing and technical capacity for data on the spreading of the disease the cost to society is much higher if nonessential workers are made vulnerable than if they receive stimulus in the form of unemployment insurance.”

“It’s my choice! I’ve been stripped of my freedom!”

“This anger is a viral force that can be used to gain subscribers, a sick self-reinforcing incentive scheme that makes everyone worse off.”

“First forced closures, but where’s the line? Forced contact tracing?”

“That’s a slippery slope.”


The Federal Reserve

Giving too much power to a central authority is exactly what we were trying to avoid when we instituted democracy!

Our government is in such significant gridlock that they can’t get anything done.

Incrementalism is a part of what makes our government work so well! Moreover, sweeping legislation as been proven to be possible such as the Affordable Care Act.

The government should not head a bank that purchases and owns assets in the free market! It encroaches on communism, when the government owns the means for production.

The Federal Reserve should be able to make asset purchases because it makes liquidity available for firms when there is none available. The end is not for the government to own assets or means of production, but instead to reduce suffering from problems of liquidity in recession, and animal spirits in times of expansion.

The Federal Reserve is printing money! It makes money useless! There will be inflation, rendering my saving worthless! Moreover, my savings are worth less because the savings rate is so low, making me have to put money into the market to get a desirable rate of return, resulting in losses! This is fraud!

We started using fiat currency because it allows us to adjust the money supply with trust in our government being the asset that the fiat currency represents. It allows us more control over savings rates and, obviously, the supply of money. There is too much at stake, and much perverse incentive, in the market for money.

That’s exactly that! How can we possibly leave regulating money to a small group of bankers? One world order!

Standards of living have, on the whole, increased, and although there is no way to know what would have happened if we adhered to the gold standard, evidence suggests that recessions would be much deeper, longer, and more painful. The Federal Reserve is a necessary evil.

The Federal Reserve should helicopter drop money to REAL PEOPLE instead of banks! Giving money to people that spend it will increase economic growth. If it is a one-time drop, inflation expectations will not offset the growth.

That is the job of fiscal policy.


Free Healthcare for Everyone

“If people don’t have to pay, they will overuse”

“If everyone has to pay, not everyone can get care.”

“We have to pay in the form of higher premiums or taxes, and if the cost is not salient enough there is the free rider problem.”

“There is net benefit: chronically unemployed will get jobs after getting healthy. Disabled people are entering the workforce because of increased access to care.”

“No. Spending more money on disabled people just means they go to the doctor more. They won’t get jobs because they are disabled.”

“There is low-hanging fruit, such as treating addiction and PTSD.”

“It is immoral for homeless drug addicts to free ride off my taxes and get better healthcare. It is dangerous to treat PTSD with dangerous drugs like MDMA and LSD. Homelessness has a purpose in our society: if social safety nets provide too high a quality of life there is less reason to go to work.”

“But if we treat the mental illness, then those suffering people will get off the street and become tax-paying citizens. There is economic and moral ground for ending homelessness and treating mental illness.

Homeless people are homeless for a reason. They want to be homeless and it is their fault.

No, they are mentally ill and we have medicine and techniques to solve this problem in a way that provides net benefit to society and the suffering mentally ill.”

“Well healthcare costs are already out of control. Reducing the out of pocket costs will only reduce price-sensitivity because the costs are too far removed. Especially when government deficits seem to be increasing indefinitely.”

“Our economy is creating enough value for this benefit (healthcare), but that value is being captured as profit to large corporations.”


“There are ways to incentivize innovation in a more directed fashion than simply cutting taxes. Corporations shouldn’t be able to free ride on innovation. Tax payers should get a return on their investment. Invest in people to make them healthy, then invest in corporations.”

“What matters is the headlines, not the details. Animal spirits drive the economy. More regulation and government involvement in the economy will ultimately shake investor confidence. Offering these benefits at the expense of corporate profits is bad for GDP.”

At the very least, access to healthcare for people that will use it to re-enter the workforce offers a net benefit. In many cases, healthcare costs are artificially inflated because of a market failure called rent-seeking. This means we’re burdening citizens with high costs from corporations that are receiving subsidies in the form of research and development funded by tax dollars that come from those citizens because the corporations write the laws.

The world is free riding off our healthcare system.

Life expectancy and quality of life have never been better.

Controversial Issues

Universal Basic Income

“People in a society that has the means should have their basic needs met.”

“Being made to provide for others infringes on my freedom; people should earn their keep.”

“Humans are not free until self-actualization; if a society can provide freedom to all, it should.”

“Our society cannot afford to give enough money for everyone to live.”

“If technology automates the jobs and leaves profits, we can tax the capital for a freedom dividend.”

“If people don’t have to work, they won’t work: a Universal Basic Income is bad for progress”

“If people don’t have to work because they live in a rich successful society, they will be free to contribute back to the society that provided them that freedom.”


Do we live in a society that can afford financial freedom for every citizen? What effect would this have on purchasing power? Is it possible to tax capital in a way to lower the deficit, provide a Universal Basic Income, and grow the economy by incentivizing technological advancement? Is a UBI (Universal Basic Income) the first step in an unraveling of the global financial system to a chaotic meltdown, the beginning of the end of history, or has their not been enough technological advancement, so our society cannot yet afford it?

@argumentlabs, you forgot… [insert response here]


About Argument Labs

Argument Labs is an answer to the increasing politicization and radicalization of our information. When you want the viewpoints for an issue, listed in plain English, you can come here.

Our System

“How could that be possible?” says a reasonable person, pointing out that everyone has biases, and it is impossible to remove them from our media, no matter how “meta” the source.

Yes, this is the problem, but Argument Labs has a solution. The solution needed to remove the possibility of bias like Six Sigma removes the possibility of operational error. Thus, a new standard for appraisal of bias was born.

How Does it Work?

Well, Argument Labs actually simplified the process of reporting the issues. From the wisdom of TL;DR (too long, didn’t read), and time lost to furiously scrolling and scanning, I say, “Make that more meta”.

You know that feeling of satisfaction when you don’t have to read an article, because a great summary is right at the top? That. Then we grade the sentence from liberal to conservative and convert that into a color. This way you know at a glance the viewpoint, and also the political leaning.

I Object!

“This will never work because of the possibility for misunderstanding,” says anyone who understands that part of the system. I get it; explaining complicated issues in a few words and colors seems impossible. Enter proof by contradiction.

Proof by Contradiction?

Bounce. Okay, bye. Proof by contradiction is a most important mathematical proof technique, where the mathematician assumes the opposite of what they are trying to prove and then finds a contradiction. Then the proof ends and they say they have proved it.

This is a part of the system to remove bias from reporting the issues because it allows for a realization of the other part of that part of the issue to be formed in the reader’s mind, thereby removing the bias by exploring the other bias; breaking the viewpoint down isn’t enough… it is then necessary to explore the opposite of each smallest part. QED.

Argument Labs means finding every opinion and assembling it into a piece of truth. It is a quest to archive each viewpoint in plain English.

But Wait, There’s More!

Marketing, social psychology, and behavioral economics all want the answer to one question: how do we make people change their habits? I have the answer: get them to do something different. This is a gross oversimplification – they need to be incentivized properly.

Argument Labs cannot argue with only itself and find, condense, and report the truth. It needs the Wisdom of the Crowd. Therefore, to be inclusive of all viewpoints, democratization will be necessary.

1, 2, 3…

  1. Pick a topic
  2. Write down all of the viewpoints for the topic, condense each to a sentence
  3. Find it’s opposite
  4. Grade the viewpoints from Conservative to Liberal on a scale from 1-1000
  5. Color the text
  6. Publish
  7. Crowdsource new viewpoints
  8. Iterate from 3

In this way, Argument Labs will research viewpoints on all issues, then make some quizzes to help people find their political leanings.

Argument Labs means finding every piece of truth and assembling it into an opinion. It is a quest to archive each viewpoint in plain English.
There are many issues, and each issue could mean more division. Everyone wants to know the truth, but there are few unbiased sources of information. Argument Labs is a simple system for communicating the truth.


“This sounds interesting, but how is it possible to convert a viewpoint into a number?” says anyone who understands how hard it is to communicate effectively. Yes, it might seem impossible, but here are a couple of ways it might be possible.

Sentiment Analysis is an application of NLP (Natural Language Processing) that uses artificial intelligence to extract sentiment from text. This means that it converts text into a number, just like we want. There are problems to this, to be discussed later.

Crowdsourcing is the same tool to be used to gather the data. We can just get more data points and do statistical magic on them to, you guessed it, implement sentiment analysis.

Problem with Sentiment Analysis to Rate Opinions

The problems of using Artificial Intelligence for anything is that there might not be enough data or the data might not be good enough. There might not be enough because it could be hard to find data that is labelled as “liberal” and “conservative”. The quality of the data can be an issue because the old adage, “garbage in, garbage out” is especially true when it comes to machine learning.

There is hope, though! Sometimes statistics wizards can label their own data, essentially, using a technique called “clustering”. Furthermore, natural language processing is hot! hot! hot right now, and so is open-source software. As Argument Labs grows, the chances are good that it can spread the truth, the first step in educating people.

Argument Labs is an answer to the increasing politicization and radicalization of our information. When you want the viewpoints for an issue, listed in plain English, you can come here.

Argument Labs Mega-Logo
Argument Labs is in the business of education innovation to invest in the future.

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