Forced Quarantine For Covid-19 Coronavirus

“If the economy is opened transmission will mean an overwhelmed healthcare system. By keeping the economy closed or cautiously opening only essential businesses we avoid having to ration ventilators.”

“The economic costs to limiting business activity outweigh the probability of an overwhelmed healthcare system because the risks can be managed.”

“We can’t properly manage the risks because we don’t know what they are. Without a vaccination or proper testing, the risks are too high.”

“These elitist bureaucrats are telling me what I can and can’t do! It’s an unconstitutional breach of freedom.”

“The average knowledge of infectious disease is not sufficient to determine the most efficient course of action.”

“I have to feed my family and work to avoid depression and anxiety. I have a duty to take care of myself, not collect a check from the government.”

“Until we have sufficient testing and technical capacity for data on the spreading of the disease the cost to society is much higher if nonessential workers are made vulnerable than if they receive stimulus in the form of unemployment insurance.”

“It’s my choice! I’ve been stripped of my freedom!”

“This anger is a viral force that can be used to gain subscribers, a sick self-reinforcing incentive scheme that makes everyone worse off.”

“First forced closures, but where’s the line? Forced contact tracing?”

“That’s a slippery slope.”

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